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Thunderstone Search Appliance Manual

Search Parameters

The possible parameters that can be used in the query string are:


Search control:  

  Rank Knobs: control the influence of ranking factors. Unless otherwise specified, each is an integer value, from off (0) to maximum (1000), to indicate the relative weight of that factor. Medium (500) is the default.

  Additional Fields: To add search restrictions to the query you can specify form variables with a name constructed as afnOP, where n is the number of the additional field (1, 2, or 3), and OP is one of the following operations:


dateSource: id vs modified  

The dateSource parameter allows you to determine which date associated with the URL gets used for display, sorting, etc.

If a collection of files that were modified a year ago were picked up by the Search Appliance walk last night, then the Modified date would be a year ago, but the id date would be last night.

id is the default dateSource when requesting an RSS feed of a search.

Other Variables

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