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XML Elements in Search Results


Search results can be sent as XML from the Search Appliance to the host server. This section describes the XML elements.

<ThunderstoneResults> Overall container for the search results


Token Description
ok Normal exit
ResAuth-ExternalLoginRequired Need Login Cookies: redirect to <RedirectUrl>
ResAuth-CredentialsRequired Need user/pass: send rauser/rapass to <LoginUrl>
ResAuth-LoginIncorrect User/pass incorrect; re-send to <LoginUrl>
ResAuth-SuccessLimit Successful Auth Result Limit reached
ResAuth-Timeout Results Authorization timeout
ResAuth-MaxDocsCheck Max Docs to Auth-Check exceeded
ResAuth-SmbError SMB error
ResAuth-NoSmb SMB unavailable/could not be run
NoProfileSpecified No profile specified
InvalidProfileName Invalid profile name (e.g. illegal characters)
NoSuchProfile No such profile
Timeout Search Timeout exceeded

Table 4.2: XML <ExitReason> Tokens

Match Info output is similar to search results, except it contains a ContextResult element instead of Result elements. ContextResult contains:

<ContextResult> Container for the "Match Info" for this result

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