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Thunderstone Search Appliance Manual

How to unpack and install the Search Appliance

For basic information about unpacking and installing the Search Appliance, refer to the Getting Started guide. This printed guide was shipped with the Search Appliance. In addition to the instructions it provides, it includes a sticker that lists important information unique to your Search Appliance. This information includes the original password and various network addresses.

Ensure that the Search Appliance is plugged into a UPS or other power conditioner.

Thunderstone is not responsible for damage caused due to environmental problems including, but not limited to, spikes, over/under voltage, outages, static discharge, excessive moisture or condensation, and extreme heat or cold.

Data loss may occur if the Search Appliance loses power without being shut down gracefully.

The Search Appliance is shipped with the network configuration specified when ordering. If no network configuration was specified then the Search Appliance is pre-configured to get its IP information automatically from DHCP. To change the network configuration if properly configured for your network, or to view the IP of the Search Appliance, you will need to use the console menu or front panel LCD if present.

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