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Thunderstone Search Appliance Manual

Front Panel LCD

Some hardware appliance models have a front panel LCD display and operation buttons. The display can show information about the Search Appliance's configuration and activity level. It can also be used to change configurations and shutdown or reboot the Search Appliance.

There are 4 arrows used to scroll through menus and select items. The "check" button is used like a keyboard's "enter" key to finish or confirm choices. The "X" button is used to cancel or back out of a choice.

In the top-right corner of the LCD display there is a heartbeat indicator that should pulse every second. The LCD backlight will dim after a period of inactivity. The LCD backlight will flash when there is a problem reported.

Browse information about the Search Appliance from the main menu using the up and down arrow buttons. Press the "check" button at any time to return to the main menu. Available information:

From the main menu adjust configuration of the Search Appliance using the "check" button. Use up and down arrows to navigate through the choices. An asterisk, "*", will appear at the end of items that have been modified but not applied. At the end of the config list are the options to apply or trash(discard) the changes. Available configs:

The LCD backlight and heartbeat are also configurable. From the main menu press "X" then "check" to escape to the "Options" menu. Use up and down arrows to select the item to adjust. Use "check" or left and right arrow buttons to cycle through choices. Changes to LCD settings are immediate. Press "X" twice to return to the main menu.

Under normal circumstances the LCD main menu will alternate between

Search Appliance
Up/Dn for info
Check to config
If the display is not alternating or shows "Cli:0 Scr: 0" then the LCD menu is not functioning properly.

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