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Thunderstone Search Appliance Manual

Console Menu

To use the console menu you need to attach a keyboard and VGA monitor to the standard ports on the rear of the Search Appliance. You will see the following menu (not all options are available on all systems):

Thunderstone Search Appliance Summary on YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS    
Thunderstone phone: 216-820-2200  or
Serial number     : xxxxx
Ethernet 1        :  xxMb/s,xDX,Link:xx  MACaddress
Ethernet 2        :  xxMb/s,xDX,Link:xx  MACaddress
Index Admin Page  :
System Admin Page :
iLO Admin Page    :
iLO defaults      : Login: Administrator  Password: --On Chassis Label--

    Thunderstone Appliance Setup and Information    
   T) Thunderstone information
   N) Network and system information
   S) Setup network            W) set console passWord
   C) Custom routes            P) change web admin Password
   R) Reboot system            D) shutDown system
   I) dIagnostics              H) Help
   F) drop Firewall/NAT (Allow all network access)
   A) drop Admin restrictions (HTTPS,IP,Cipher requirements)
Enter your choice:

Choose an item by entering the letter on the left of the item.

Thunderstone Appliance Diagnostics | YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
   P) Ping
   T) Traceroute
   L) Lookup hostname
   F) Fetch a URL
   S) System view
   R) RAID info
   C) Start support connection...
   K) Stop support connection
   I) View support connection status
   O) View support connection log
   A) enAble ssh login
   M) Main menu
Enter your choice:

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