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Synchronize Pre-existing Profiles

The hot backup is now configured, and will receive settings changes and newly walked pages going forward. No walks should be performed on the backup machine - indeed, we disabled them - nor should settings be further modified on it, as it is receiving both from the main machine automatically.

Since only changes to settings will be propagated by replication, any pre-existing, non-replication System-Wide Settings (e.g. HTTPS settings) on the main machine should be copied - just one time, now - to the backup machine to ensure it is in sync.

More importantly, if there are pre-existing profiles on the main machine, they must be propagated now. Otherwise future changes to those profiles will not propagate (and may cause replication to stall). This can be accomplished with the following steps:

This System Replication Target Status check can be occasionally performed in the future to ensure all profiles exist on the backup. However, it should not be needed past this initial setup stage, as new profiles (created after system replication is active) will be created automatically on the system replication target(s) configured earlier.

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