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Results Caching


The Results Caching option can be used to enable a search results cache mechanism, which can speed up response time for frequently-used queries. When enabled, the HTML or XML results of searches are stored in a per-profile cache, and if a later search is made with the same query string parameters, the cache result may be returned, avoiding the need for a full search. Setting Enabled to Y enables results caching.

Setting Allow Override to Y allows users to control whether a search uses and/or updates the cache, by specifying a value for the rescache query string variable:

Both Enabled and Allow Override are considered "appearance" options, i.e. they will not take effect for Live Search unless Update Live and Test is used. See the Results Caching section of Profile Tools (here) for more details on when to use results caching, its caveats and management.

Note: Results Caching is a completely separate feature from the similarly named Cache Content.

Please see 3.5.112 for more information on Cache Content.

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