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The Texis DBWalker module provides a walkable HTML interface to a remote database. If there is a database server somewhere which has a JDBC driver, DBWalker can serve up that database via HTML, which can then be walked by the Search Appliance or viewed by users. DBWalker can be configured to print all records on a single page, or to provide an "index" page which creates links to individual pages, each of which shows a single record of the table.

DBWalker is different from the normal idea of an "import" in multiple ways:

JDBC connections are cached across HTTP requests. The first time a request for a configuration is received, it establishes a JDBC connection and keeps it for 5 minutes. If another request for the same configuration is received, it will re-use the same connection. This greatly enhances the Search Appliance's walking speed, and keeps from bogging down the remote database with unnecessary connect/disconnect activity. JDBC connections are closed after 5 minutes of inactivity.

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