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Thunderstone Search Appliance Manual

Manually Configuring the Proxy Module

This section describes how to manually configure IIS for use of the Thunderstone Proxy Module. The will be described in more detail in the next section. This is not necessary for normal operations - these actions are normally performed automatically by InstallShield upon installation. These steps are only necessary if IIS's configuration gets wiped out and needs to be redone.

The Thunderstone Proxy Module is an ISAPI Extension, two if using the authProxy. They are assigned as Global Application Maps to Virtual Directories in IIS. All requests to the directories are not be served from the file system that the application points to, but instead go through the Proxy Module dlls.

One application is required per extension: texis, which gets assigned proxyModule.dll, and authProxy, which gets assigned authProxy.dll.

If using the authProxy, texis must have anonymous access disabled and Integrated Authentication enabled, while authProxy must have anonymous access allowed (which is allowed by default).

These are the steps that must be done if you are manually setting up IIS for using the Proxy Module. Note that these are done automatically by the installer and do not need to be manually done under normal circumstances.

IIS is now set up properly to use the Proxy Module. Note that if using the authProxy, changes still need to be made to the network and the Search Appliance, as detailed in the Post-Install Setup and Configuring the Search Appliance sections, on pages here and here, respectively.

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