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Thunderstone Search Appliance Manual

Interpreting Search Results

Note: The look and feel described here is for the standard search interface. The interface may have been customized by the web site administrator.

When a query is submitted it will come back with another query form and up to 10 matching documents. If there are more than 10 results, a link at the top and bottom of the list will allow you to view the next 10 in sequence.

The input form at the top allows you to further tailor your query to home-in on the desired results, or to submit a completely new query without having to navigate back to the original input form.

Each result in the set will have a format similar to the following:

1: THE DOCUMENT TITLE (hyperlink to original)    84%*******___
   This is the document abstract. It consists    Size: 11K
   of the text around the first hit within the   Depth: 3
   matching document...                          Find Similar           Match Info
                                                 Show Parents

The components of each result are:

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