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Extra Domains


Syntax: one or more domain names separated by space or line break

Allow walk to fetch pages from any host in the specified domain(s). Any URL (of any protocol) with a hostname ending in any of the specified domains will be accepted.

E.g. given Base URLs of and Extra Domains, the Search Appliance will walk all of, as well as any URLs referring to any machine in or its sub-domains (e.g.

This option is not a "restricter" but an "enabler". All hosts specified will be walked and any others that match the given domain(s) will also be walked.

Note: This option does not direct the walk to web servers in the specified domains, like putting them in Base URLs would. It simply allows walking them - if a reference to them is encountered via walking the existing Base URLs etc. Thus if no links to Extra Domains are encountered, none will be walked.

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