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Data from Field


Syntax: REX expression, Replace expression, field to search, where to store it

This provides alternate means of setting both the HTML fields (Modified, Title, Description etc.) and any Additional Fields. It allows getting page information from non-default places by searching and optionally replacing the data. New blank rows will be provided as rows are used. See below for examples.

REX Search - Allows you to specify a REX expression to narrow down what contents of the From Field will be used. Leave it empty to use the entire field.

Note that a REX Search MUST be specified for the following From field types:

You can specify they entire field for these by using .+ as the REX Search.

Replace - Replace can be used to specify a subset of the value to be stored in the To field (or subset of the match, if you're using REX Search. It uses sandr replacement string syntax.

From Field - specifies what the source field is for the data.

From Meta Field - If Meta Field -> or URL Query Var -> is given as the From Field, this field is used to specify which meta field's or query var's contents to use as data. Leave blank otherwise.

Entering text in this field will force the use of Meta Field ->, if From Field is set to anything besides Meta Field or URL Query Var.

To Field - specifies where information should be stored.

Append - If set to Y, then the Data From Field content will be appended to the field's existing data instead of overwriting it. Date-type targets, such as Modified, do not support Append.

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