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Cookie Jar

Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer format cookie data to load at start up. An inline alternative to Cookie Source Path. This allows persistent cookies saved by a browser to be read by the Search Appliance, so it can inherit the browser's state. To easily walk a site that requires a custom login (i.e. not HTTP Basic authentication), and that uses persistent cookies, just login normally using a browser. Then, copy that browser's cookie data into the Cookie Jar setting. Then, the Search Appliance will automatically inherit the browser's permissions. Added after version 8.0.4 2012-07-13.

The Netscape format is one cookie per line, with the tab-separated values: Domain IsOkAllDomain Path IsSecure IsHttpOnly Expires Name Value. E.g. the line:	TRUE	/	FALSE	FALSE	0	MyCookie	MyValue
would represent a session cookie named MyCookie with value MyValue sent for any path for any site in the domain

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