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  Google Connectors are 3rd party programs that allow you search data from large, complex data data sources (such as Microsoft Sharepoint). There are different connectors for different types of content - Sharepoint, Livelink, File Servers, etc. The connector is installed on a separate server, and the connector machine pulls content from the remote data source, and pushes it into the Search Appliance.

Manage Google Connectors allows you to specify the location of a Connector Manager that's been installed, using an address like http://otherServer:8080/connector-manager/. You can then instantiate any connectors installed on that Connector Manager, and configure them appropriately (varies by connect).

Connector Managers must be listed in the Appliance's Cluster Members to allow it to push in data. Adding a new Connector Manager automatically adds it to Cluster Members.

For more information on Google Connectors, and to download the Connector Manager and connector packages, please visit

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