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Thunderstone Search Appliance Manual

Authentication Schemes

Select which authentication schemes to allow for password-protected URLs. The settable schemes are Basic, NTLMv1, NTLMv2, Negotiate, CAS (Central Authentication Service), or File (for file:// URLs). NTLMv2 requires Texis version 5.01.1213917000 20080619 or later. Note that the scheme(s) actually accepted for a given URL are determined by the server; if none of the server-offered schemes are enabled by this setting, then the protected URL cannot be walked. This setting can be used to disable less-secure or undesired schemes, such as Basic or NTLMv1 authentication. FTP authentication is always allowed. Note that Negotiate authentication is only supported when the Search Appliance is running on Linux 2.6 or later.

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