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Admin Access IPs


This controls what IP addresses are allowed to access the admin interface. You may specify one or more individual IP addresses or networks. Networks may be specified with either glob, address:netmask, or address/prefixlen syntaxes. Place each entry on a line by itself. Blank means no IP restriction, the admin interface may be accessed from any IP (with proper credentials).

Example. If you have a local class C network of as well as one public IP such as you want to have admin access you would use


If the request is forwarded such that a X-Forwarded-For header is included (like a load balancer), all IPs through the forwarding chain must be allowed by Admin Access IPs.

For safety, The Search Appliance will only accept new Admin Access IPs values that allow the IP address it's currently being accessed from.

Note that access to Webmin is not controlled by this setting.

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