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Additional CAS Setup


For the CAS Authorization Method, the Login URL must usually be HTTPS (a CAS server requirement). It also must point to the actual CAS login service, not a wrapper. This is because the Search Appliance will also map the /login part of the URL to /serviceValidate and other standard CAS services for ticket validation after login. Thus a URL such as should be used for Login URL for CAS.

The CAS server must also be configured to work with the Search Appliance. When configuring, be sure to use a URL pattern that matches all possible Search Appliance search and admin URLs, e.g. one that matches at least Consult your CAS server documentation for how to configure these items:

If encountering problems configuring CAS with Results Authorization, be sure to check the CAS server log files for information that may help diagnose the issue. Also note that Results Authorization with CAS is not currently supported for Meta Search.

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